February 1997

Technology Playing Cupid

February 21, 1997

You’ve seen crazy bachelors and bachelorettes on television on cheesy shows like “The Love Connection” and “Singled Out.” Making crude, sexual connotations while breathing hard was not such a rare occasion. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, there are no more reasons to blatantly plaster red hearts and flying Cupids all over television networks. In […]

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Defining the Smileys Seen in Cyberspace

February 6, 1997

🙂 To the “untrained” eye, those three symbols mean absolutely nothing. The computative combination of the three somewhat ambiguous marks, resemble something out of a pre-algebra book. Perhaps it may appear as if somebody made a boo-boo in post press. Or maybe it seems like I made a typo, but whatever the case may be, […]

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