January 2005

Bad Girls vs. Good Girls

January 31, 2005

LOL! This is too funny… Items in Italics are nothing personal to any of the exes… just things I definitely feel strongly about at this point in my life… either for or against… you guys be the judge… BTW, so I don’t get accused of being one-sided, here’s Lainey’s rebuttal. 🙂 There’s an old joke […]

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About Me

January 27, 2005

(Trying to centralize everything here… This blog was original posted at MySpace, hence the reason why it doesn’t really match the theme of this site, but oh well… enjoy!) Hmm… it’s hard to do this without feeling like you’re boasting a bit don’tyathink? Anyway, here’s my feeble attempt at trying to describe some of what […]

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Sitting Courtside

January 26, 2005

So this morning I log into my email to find multiple messages, two of which are from JO and Lau telling me how ugly I am for being in this pic. What are friends for eh? Just got into work too and everybody here is harassing me cause I guess it’s on the front page of […]

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