by World Wide Ed on Saturday, October 22, 2005

It just keeps getting better and better. Now, my third overall pick is out for the year. What does this mean? I’m able to use 2 of my top 12 picks (and one is gimpy!) and a grand total of 5 from my original 20! ABSOLUTELY FRIGGEN RIDICULOUS! I hate you Fantasy Football Gods!!! First and third picks out for the season? Are you kidding me??? What did I do to deserve this? Haha! Oh well, if I can somehow weather the storm for the next few weeks, my QB and star receiver should be coming back (*crossing fingers*). My utility RB is also coming back from a league imposed suspension. Hopefully, my luck will change and he’ll start and have a monster year. I’ll be needing any kind of luck now. Heck I deserve it right about now don’t I???

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