In Twista’s Top Eight… Don’t Hate…

by World Wide Ed on Monday, July 3, 2006

So I get this random message from this dude telling me that I’m in Twista’s Top 8 and so I check it out and whaddayaknow… I AM! LOL! Yeah, yeah, it’s only by default and nobody believes for a second that me and the world’s fastest rapper are homeys, but it is pretty cool, even if it may only be temporary. Watch, as soon as I post this blog, he (or whoever runs his page) will adjust his Top 8 and kick me to the curb. Luckily for you, I gots this screen cap. Muhahaha!

Twista's Top 8
Twista’s Top 8

P.S. Don’t forget to read my July column on RR. It’s on the Shave Ice hotspots around the state. Word.

P.P.S. Have a Happy 4th of July holiday tomorrow y’all!

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