Do You Need to Pray at Work?

by World Wide Ed on Thursday, October 2, 2008

Here’s an amusing forward I recently received. Do any of these sound like you around the office? I hope not! šŸ™‚ Or perhaps some of these peeps sound like your co-workers? Either way, please enjoy laughing on this here Thursday! Feel free to add more to the list in the comments area below!

If you have every though about poisoning, choking, punching or slapping someone that you work with

… You need to pray at work.

When you hear a co-worker call your name and the first thing that crosses your mind is, “what the h*&^ does she want now?” and you try to hide underneath your desk

… You need to pray at work.

When someone comes in and announces, “Office meeting in 5 minutes,” and you think, what the f*&% do they want now?”

… You need to pray at work.

When you take some vacation time and come back to find a mountain of paperwork sitting on your desk because no one else would do it and you think “sorry a## M#$^% F%&#s”

… You need to pray at work.

If you avoid saying more than hello or how are you doing to someone because you know it’s going to lead to their whole f*&^%$# life story

… You need to pray at work.

When a co-worker comes in a little too happy singing “good morning” to everyone and you think, “Somebody needs to slap the s#@! out of her”

… You need to pray at work.

When your computer is mysteriously turned off and you want to say, “which one of you sons of b*&^%$# turned off my computer?”

… You need to pray at work.

When you and a co-worker are discussing something, and a third person comes in and says, “well at my last office…,” and you want to say, “Who the f&#* cares?

… You need to pray at work.

When you’re in the elevator and it stops to pick up someone who stood for five minutes waiting for the darn thing only to go down ONE floor, and you say, “that lazy b*&%$#”

… You need to pray at work.


If you know all the words that have been bleeped out……………..

… You DEFINITELY need to pray at work!


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Sha'Niqua Noonan October 15, 2009 at 7:32 am

When someone walks in your office to discuss something, and you think ‘why does she always have to f%^#@#$ come to me?’


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