Best Man Blunder Video

by World Wide Ed on Monday, November 10, 2008

With the day of the big dance quickly approaching, let’s give these wedding-related blog posts another shot now shall we? What the heck right? After I get hitched, blogging about weddings won’t make a lot of sense das why, so let’s get it all out of our systems now right?

And even though your comment counts (on wedding related posts) tell me to do otherwise, I’ve never been a man to lose hope. In fact, since I’ll be gone for like 3 weeks or so, let’s do the improbable and go all week with a wedding blog postin’ fiesta! Yeeeee haw!

Today, I’ve just GOTSTA start us off with a video my co-worker forwarded to me recently. It’s of a best man… ah, I won’t ruin it for ya. Just watch it and laugh in delight horror. (*hint* Watch it over and over and over. OMG! It gets funnier every single time!)

Alls I know is that my best man Kelvin bettah not do this to wifey! Hahaha! Nah, junior (if you’re reading this), I guess you have decent motor skills.

Happy Monday y’all! Show this not-single-for-long man (*gulp*) some love with some comments below willya! 😉

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