Fave Five Friday – Favorite Organizational Tips

by World Wide Ed on Friday, December 12, 2008

Here’s a suggestion from everyone’s favorite Chicken Grease:

Fave’ five organizational tips — something to share with all, you know, like a public service, heh.  I actually don’t have problems with organization, but, I’m always interested in learning new stuff about it.

If this one gets a lot of action in the comment area below, it was actually my suggestion. If not, we’ll blame it all on the Ceeg! 😛 Comment either way k?

I’m the furthest thing from being very organized, but here’s my feeble attempt at a fave five list on this topic. Maybe you can help a brutha out and offer your more sound advice. Much love!

  1. Buy storage bins and folders… and use um!
  2. Don’t wait ’til it’s out of control/unmanageable
  3. Set a time for spring cleaning and stick to it.
  4. Stickers, tabs, pens, etc. I guess those would help too. 😛
  5. Don’t be a pack rat to begin with. Organize as the junk comes in.

There you have it. Professional organizational tips from a very non-professional, non-organized person! Helllllp!

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