Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – September 15, 2010

by World Wide Ed on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We’re gonna try something a lil’ different hurr this week. Not only are we NOT gonna mention Rice Fest in a post for the first time in weeks (Oops! LOL!), we’re also gonna post an easy pic for once!

Some of y’all have been complaining that my photos be too hahd (das why), so we’re monna make it an easy one in an effort to get more peeps involved and commenting. Lessee if this novel concept works. Hehe!

Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? - September 15, 2010
Where In Hawaii is Edward Sugimoto? – September 15, 2010

Points for Photo #1…
* Creative Photo Caption?: 2 points
* My favorite baseball team (duh!): 1/2 point
* My second favorite baseball team: 2 points
* Name of Business?: 1 point
* Location Within Store? (using North/South/East/West *grin*): 1 point
* General area?: 1/2 point
* Nearby road(s): 1/2 point each
* Month photo was taken?: 1/2 point
* Day of the month photo was taken?: 1/2 point
* Year photo was taken?: 1/2 point
* Exact time photo was taken?: 2 points
* Google Street View Link?: 1 point

Last Week’s Results:
Last week’s WIH was a real doozy. Only masako and Paco were able to score points. Probably didn’t help that I was semi-MIA in my reply comments because of a cold and Rice Fest (D’oh! Did it again! πŸ˜› )! ‘Grats to socks and Pacs either way! For those who were wondering, da locations for the first two were Ige’s and Banana Leaf. Boom shakalaka! πŸ˜‰

Da “Where In Hawaii” Winnahz Circle (Round 2)!

* Wanna see the results from round 1? It’s all right here!

Da Leadahboard (Round 2)!

  • 26.5 – masako
  • 20.5 – Takeshi
  • 06.0 – Paco
  • 05.5 – AlMan68
  • 03.0 – che, kickerbear
  • 02.5 – pink lady, bB
  • 02.0 – rayboyjr
  • 01.5 – mcat
  • 01.0 – carokun, Ynaku, 9th Island Cuz
  • 00.5 – tweetpeep22


– Ed
“A Winner Never Quits, A Quitter Never Wins”


Have a happy VH07V Wednesday y’all! πŸ˜› Don’t forget to post your guesses below!

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