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Porno on the Web

April 29, 1997

Another column dedicated solely to the most favorite pastime/nemesis of millions – “Pornography on the Web” – is here. Good, you’re still with me. That can mean one of two things. One – You despise pornography on the web so much that you are just waiting for this stupid columnist character to slip up, and […]

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Stop the Insanity, Now

March 20, 1997

It seems as though everybody and their grandma is doing e-mail nowadays. Recalling the days when there were only but a handful of users online at a time is like remembering the time you actually liked the Macarena. Yes, put those tissues away … times are changing. Sometimes doing the most common things – like […]

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How Do You Find a Friend on the Net?

March 6, 1997

Ever wonder if your long lost pal is online? How about if your high school sweetheart is desperately trying to figure out your e-mail address? Well, worry no more. These sites are dedicated to creating a massive listing of e-mail addresses of as many users as they can. Acting as an online version of a […]

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Technology Playing Cupid

February 21, 1997

You’ve seen crazy bachelors and bachelorettes on television on cheesy shows like “The Love Connection” and “Singled Out.” Making crude, sexual connotations while breathing hard was not such a rare occasion. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, there are no more reasons to blatantly plaster red hearts and flying Cupids all over television networks. In […]

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Defining the Smileys Seen in Cyberspace

February 6, 1997

🙂 To the “untrained” eye, those three symbols mean absolutely nothing. The computative combination of the three somewhat ambiguous marks, resemble something out of a pre-algebra book. Perhaps it may appear as if somebody made a boo-boo in post press. Or maybe it seems like I made a typo, but whatever the case may be, […]

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Just Call Me ‘sedward’

January 27, 1997

A little riddle to get you all started this semester. How can you tell when you and your persona are associated far too much with your online activities? When people start calling you by your login name. In real life, your name is everything. It’s your identity as well as your identification. It’s what’s written […]

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Tips For Net Searching

December 12, 1996

Here’s the scenario. You have a 20-page thesis paper due tomorrow and you haven’t set foot in Hamilton Library yet. You need the most comprehensive search on the topic of “Cockroaches and their way of life.” You stress. You shudder. You are down to three desperate choices: One, you can make like a book and […]

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Seeking Your Net Home

November 21, 1996

Needing a connection to the Internet desperately? Struggling to get past constant busy signals and limited access rights? Yep, the dilemma of finding the right link, namely an Internet Service Provider, has been plaguing millions of people these days. And, with the millions of them popping up quicker than zits on a teenager’s face, it […]

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The Info Age Arrives

September 10, 1996

First, we explored on ships through the ocean space. Then, we traveled continental space with automobiles and steam engines. Next, we discovered air space with airplanes; then outerspace with new rocket technology. Now, in the “Information Age,” we are trying frantically to probe the inner workings of a new kind of space. Congratulate yourself – […]

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E-mail vs. Snail Mail

June 20, 1996

Still need to copy this one over…

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YAHOO! A Guide To Net Acronyms

May 1, 1996

Those nasty computer-related acronyms: We constantly see or hear them being used on-line and by that snotty 17-year-old employee who works as Computer City. You feel inferior because you have no idea what this equivalent to a doctor’s prescription mumbo-jumbo being presented to you is. And you don’t want to ask because you’ll just be […]

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Webistration Has Arrived

April 16, 1996

Still need to copy this one over…

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Netiquette: Do’s, Don’ts

March 13, 1996

Still need to copy this one over…

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Doggie-Paddling the World Wide Web

March 8, 1996

“Ring!” – It all started with a call. It was a dark and stormy November evening. The stars were out and Mr. Full Moon was staring at me. I placed the call on a highly confidential line. A high, sweet voice greets me at the other end. With her soprano-pitched whisper, she exhales this sweet […]

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