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Hawaii Five-0 & American Idol Chatter (4/19/11) #H50

April 19, 2011

You like how I combo-plattered dat one yeah!? 😛 Das cause I know I could (potentially) get da fans of both Hawaii Five-0 AND American Idol to chat with me down below. I know, I know, shmall kine desperate, but whatdaheck… We go geev um one try anyway! 😉 #H50 Ho’opa’i – When a crime […]

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American Idol Chatter – Top 8

April 12, 2011

So the last time we dished on Idol, we had 13. Now, we’re down to just 8 going into this week. Y’all still watchin’? Holla! I gotta be honest. For the first time ever, I’ve been doing the speed-watching technique (I <3 my DVR!). Just not catching my interest this season for some reason. I […]

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Hawaii Five-0: Kai E`e #H50

January 25, 2011
Hawaii Five-0: Kai E`e #H50

Missed Sunday’s (yeah Sunday’s!) new episode of Five-0, but that won’t stop me from posting so you can get your #H50 chat on in the comment area below! *grin* Enjoy! “Five-0 struggles to stay a step ahead of a major tsunami that has the island evacuating its shores as they investigate the disappearance of the […]

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Hawaii Five-0: He Kane Hewa’ole #H50

January 18, 2011
Hawaii Five-0: He Kane Hewa'ole #H50

Didn’t have time to catch last night’s episode yet, but let’s try something a lil’ different this time. Instead of jaberring away and doing all da play by play myself, check out the synopsis and video link below and chat away! 🙂 “Five-0 joins the Honolulu Police Department in a high-speed police chase that ends […]

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Hawaii Five-0: Ke Kinohi #H50

January 4, 2011

Gotta go sleep early tonight (last night), but here’s a quick wrap-up of tonight’s (last night’s) NEW episode of Hawaii Five-0: “Ke Kinohi” (The Beginning): “When McGarrett’s sister is kidnapped and his father’s Champion box stolen from his apartment, Steve and Five-0 discover new clues in his mother’s murder, including possible ties to the Japanese […]

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Hawaii Five-0: Hana `A`a Makehewa #H50

December 14, 2010

First off, big mahaloz to Chicken Grease, effenprincess and NeedaHobby for filling in (on short notice) last week with their guest posts! Your boy had to go on one business trip for Road Runner Mobile one quick one, so they chipped in and helped to keep our `ohana entertained up in hurr! Big ups! “Complaints […]

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Hawaii 5 (and) 0!

November 30, 2010

As an avid University of Hawaii Warrior Men’s Basketball fan, I have been following former Advertiser sports reporter Dayton Morinaga’s new venture – WarriorInsider – with much interest. When my Google Reader showed up last week with the title “Hawaii 5-0” in it, I skipped over everything else and went straight for the jugular. It […]

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Elephant, Heart & Soul, and Five-0 [VIDEOS]

November 23, 2010

These Tuesday posts are getting later and later yeah? Before you know it, da buggah goin’ run into our Where In Hawaii Wednesday post. Oh well, better late than never ah? So I guess it’s obvious that I nevah watched Hawaii Five-0 live last night – hence the lack of a Five-0 post – but […]

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“Watching” Hawaii Five-0 Online (#H50)

November 16, 2010

So last night, I was finally home on a Monday night and able to catch Hawaii Five-0 live and in action in all its glory (as opposed to watching it off my DVR weeks later). With that, I thought I’d put a feeler out there to see if our WWE `Ohana is interested in a […]

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News Day Tuesday: Elect Bruno Five-0

September 21, 2010

Wow, lots of big Hawaii news as of late. From the election results, to Bruno Mars getting busted for cocaine, to the premiere of Hawaii Five-0. Thought it might be time to dust off “News Day Tuesday” for all y’all to sound off on some of these topics. Holla! * Election Results? – Pretty much […]

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Plastic Bottle Bombs – Be Careful!

June 29, 2010

WHAAAT!?!? Not even WIH Wednesday, and I’m posting? Yep, it’s true. But there’s a good reason. We gotta protect our `ohana and everyone around us (see below)! Got this one in a forward before but didn’t have time to post it. Just got it again today and thought I’d bettah do my part to try […]

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Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu Kurosawa-sama! [Guest Blog by skycastles]

March 23, 2010
Thumbnail image for Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu Kurosawa-sama! [Guest Blog by skycastles]

by skycastles A big mahalo goes out to Ed for letting this wannabe blog about movies the entire day and to the two readers of my humble movie blog who apparently twisted Ed’s arm to get me today’s spot in the line up. Much love! — Happy Birthday Kurosawa-sama! Today Akira Kurosawa, the prolific Japanese […]

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What Would You Do If YOU Won the Lottery?

September 8, 2009

Here’s a kinda random, but (I think) fun, Fun Day Monday (even though it’s Tuesday! 😛 ) topic. Recently, Yahoo! Buzz blogged about a lottery winner blowing most of her winnings, and it got me a’ thinking. What the heck MANG! If I won the lottery I would NEVER lose it all! At least that’s what […]

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Rebound Relationships?

July 14, 2009

Since it’s News Day Tuesday, we’ll take a closer look at one of the items recently reported in the news: Jon Gosselin has a new girlfriend. Bruddah was married with 8 kids not too long ago. How’s dat one? I’ll save you from reading and let you guys chime in on some of the suggested items […]

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Strange Noises In the Potty

May 5, 2009

A recent trip to the little boy’s room made me recall a humorous conversation/debate I had with wifey and her friends a while back. At some point during that conversation, it took a downward spiral (probably thanks to me) as we discussed the riveting topic of bathroom etiquette. Curiously, I axed the shy sistahs if […]

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Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

April 14, 2009

Here’s what’s hot on the web right now: a shocking video of Susan Boyle and her Britain’s Got Talent performance. Props to kuya.d for the link. OK, no more words. Just watch the video and I’ll meetcha at the bottom. If the volume is too low, click here for the official version ( (I know, I […]

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Use Caution When Dialing Certain Area Codes

April 7, 2009

It’s News Day Tuesday, so here’s another in the series of WWE edumacation. This one’s on Area Code (dialing) safety. Yeah, I know, I know… these aren’t so popular in the comments department, but as long as I can help a handful of you peeps out with some of these, I’m satisfied. Do Not DIAL […]

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Wot! Like Beef!?

March 24, 2009

Nah, I like chicken! 😛 Ehn-nee-waaaay… In a recent study, it was discovered that eating red meat increases your chances of dying early. Their study of “red meats” included succulent steaks, bodacious burgers, and precious pork chops. Geez, why don’t you just take all the fun out of BBQs, picnics and sports bars already? Next […]

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News Day Tuesday: Kitchen Fire 411

March 17, 2009

A-ightchall, here’s a little 411 on how to deal with grease fires in your kitchen. Logic tells us that we should shoot down a fire with water, but in the case of grease fires, the WORST thing to do is to use water. This is due to the fact that when the water comes in […]

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News Day Tuesday: LeBron James Goes Off

February 24, 2009

(continuing my whining from yesterday’s post… Can we please sign BronBron to next season’s UH squad? Last Friday, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James went nuts on the Milwaukee Bucks early in the 3rd quarter as he lit up Richard Jefferson and his teammates for 16 points in less than 3 minutes of action. Read an excerpt […]

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