Fave Friday

Fave Friday – T-Shirt

October 9, 2009

Returning home from a recent trip, I was sporting my “No Worry Beef Curry” T-shirt. Upon deplaning, the flight attendant noticed it, pointed and smiled, almost in an approval kinda way. (Well, at least I think it was the shirt she was smiling at and not my beefcake body! Ahahaha! 😛 ). ENeeeeewaaaay, the shirt was dug up […]

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Fave Five Friday – Hawaii’s Worst Roads

September 4, 2009

Following up on last week’s fairly active topic of Hawaii’s Worst Parking Lots, let’s go with the next logical topic: Hawaii’s roads. I bet we’ve all got our strong opinions on this one eh? So goh’on! Post your choices in the comment area below. Hurr’s mine! Anywhere on H1 during rush hour or when there’s […]

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Fave Five Friday – Hawaii’s Worst Parking Lots

August 28, 2009

This one’s been on my “to do” list for quite some time, but I just never got a chance to get around to it. A recent visit to Mililani Shopping Center refreshed my memory. We’ve all experienced it. Bad parking lots. Whether it be too few parking stalls (for the demand) or just plain poor […]

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Fave Five Friday – Celebrity Photo Opps

August 14, 2009

I’ve never been a fan of autographs. It’s too easy to forge, and, unless you can verify it and possibly even sell it for a premium, to me, it’s worthless. Celebrities are humans too. Some piece of paper with their chicken scratch on it doesn’t hold much weight. That’s just me. But, as girly/kiddie as […]

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Fave Five Friday – Poke Locations

August 7, 2009

If you said “Tantalus” or “ma’s house”, you’re a perv! Getcho mind outta the gutter yo. 😛 I’m actually referring to the raw seafood mixture that so many of us love with our beer, er meal. Poke, NOT poke. Getum? 😉 In any case, I was thinking of putting together a “Poke around Hawaii” type of […]

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Fave Five Friday – Music Groups

July 24, 2009

My co-worker was laughing at me the other day when I told her that I’m really into Rockapella. Some also find it hard to believe that I dig on country music. What other secrets can we pull outta me? We shall see. But not without y’all sharin’ too! Flo Rida or Twista – there’s just somethin’ […]

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Fave Five Friday: Phobias

July 17, 2009

Yeah, OK, so “Phobias” do not exactly constitute a “Fave” Five list, but you know what I mean right? 8) This one was actually suggested by wifey, after coming eye to eye with a friendly widdle cockroach – something she’s DEATHLY afraid of – at a restaurant. Since I’m such a manly man (*grunt* *snort*), […]

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Fave Five Friday: Reality Show Couples

June 26, 2009

So it was recently reported that Jon and Kate Gosselin have filed for divorce. Gee, who saw that one coming? Along those lines, we’ll go with that theme for this week’s Fave Five blog: Fave Five Reality Show Couples. I needs ta be honest though. I’m more excited to fill out the least fave list. Let’s […]

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Fave Five Friday: Talk Shows

June 19, 2009

Now that my man CoCo (Conan O’Brien) has successfully gone a good couple weeks as Jay Leno’s successor on the Tonight Show (as expected), there’s no bettah time than now to do this Fave Five Friday Survey: Favorite Talk Shows no? Hurr’s mine. What’s yours? The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien – it has always been […]

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Fave Five Friday: Pizza

May 29, 2009

Last weekend, wifey, BIL, BIL’s gf and I were trying to figure out where to grind. The thought of trying a unique/tasty pizza came up but, for the life of me, I couldn’t think of any besides the usual suspects. This one’s for those of you who will be in a similar predicament in the future. You’re welcome. […]

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Fave Five Friday: Talents

May 22, 2009

(This one’s actually wifey’s suggestion. Mad props to her!) So last week, we went to watch our friend Heejin perform a piano recital at the University of Hawaii’s Orvis Auditorium. Sistah’s got some skills lemme tell you! After witnessing Jin’s super-talent in person, wifey suggested I put this out to all y’all to see what […]

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Fave Five Friday – Karaoke Songs

May 15, 2009

Is our WWE `ohana a singin’ bunch? Let’s find out shall we!? This week’s Fave Five topic is… yep, you guessed it… Karaoke Songs (and please don’t pronounce that “care-e-o-key” 😛 )! These are songs that you either like to sing yourself (if you’re da mic hog of da group), or with the group. Either […]

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Fave Five Friday – Leis/Flowers

May 1, 2009

Happy May Day y’all! I promise I won’t say it. My willpower is strong. Will… not… say… it! May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii! Gaaaah! Sorry, I just couldn’t hold it in! 😛 Yes, today is Lei Day (in Hawaii… STOP IT!), and, as such, we will do an apropos Fave Five list. Now […]

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Fave Five Friday – Drinks

April 24, 2009

Buy me drinky drinky? I could’ve sworn we covered this topic already in a previous Fave Five list, but looking back at the archives, I don’t see it, so hurr we goooo! Personally, I’m-a-gonna have to make separate lists ’cause my favorite drinks differ based on when and where I yam. OK, let’s do this! […]

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Prom Songs

April 10, 2009

Since I’m off being unproductive today 😛 , hurr’s a combo Fave 5 / Flashback Friday post from our beloved kuya.d. Show him some love y’all! ————————— Chee-hoo! And aloha WWE ‘ohana! I’m not sure if Ed made a good decision, but you lucky buggahs (or poor things) have me, kuya.d, sitting in for the […]

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Fave Five Friday – Smells

April 3, 2009

Just call me the blender, cause I mix thangs up! Awwww yeah! We’re goin’ back to Fave Five Friday this week. “OMG, what is he going to do next week? I’m so scared!” Das right! You should be scurred. I be keepin’ you on your toes son! Hehe, ok, that was the longest, most ridiculous opening […]

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Fave Five Friday – Peeps (Desert Island edition)

February 27, 2009

A-ight gang, unless you can think of anything else, I think we’ve exhausted all our options for da Desert Island. We’ve brought along enough DVDs, CDs, Books, and Valued Possessions to cover half the island. And, thankfully, we’re stranded with each other, so, in case we’re short on any one item, we’ve got each other’s back. […]

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Fave Five Friday – Must Have Possessions (Desert Island edition)

February 20, 2009

Y’all already shared your list of DVDs, CDs and Books. But let’s just say that that there are no TVs, DVD players, CD players and books allowed on this island. You know, hypothetically. 😉 Having said that, what prized possessions would you want with you in this time of need? Remember, these are your top […]

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Fave Five Friday – Scary Movies

February 13, 2009

Since today is Friday the 13th, *insert scary music here* we’re gonna switch gears and take a slight break from our Desert Island FFFridays. This week’s Five? Scariest Movies. How apropos, eh? 🙂 As made obvious by my list, I don’t really get out much when it comes to watching scary movies. Haha! Help a […]

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Fave Five Friday – Must Have Books (Desert Island edition)

February 6, 2009

Well… We’ve already shared our lists for must have DVDs and CDs on the Desert Island. Logic tells us that the next list should be books right? Well my little Einsteins, you are absolutely correct-a-mundo! This may catch you as a shocker, but I’m not much of a book worm. I think I have the attention span of […]

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